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How to Write Great Papers? College Edition.

How do you write a good paper for college?

We think that almost every college student asks himself such a question from time to time. But first, let’s see what are the key features of a ‘quality college paper?’

  • Fits the requirements.
  • Has a great topic.
  • Research is rather in-depth and thorough.
  • Deadlines are met.
  • Background sources are in check.
  • Quotes are formatted nicely.
  • Has no plagiarism.

A really good college paper fits these criteria and even adds a couple more. Such as proper academic English, catchy title, engaging thesis statement, use of transitional words, and a thought-provoking introduction.

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Writing Great Papers for College

How to write a quality college paper? Check out some of the tips paper writing service use in their daily writing activities.

Find a Topic You Like

When you like what you’re writing about, then the work doesn’t seem that much difficult anymore. Time flies fast and you don’t even feel tired. However, to find such a topic, you’ll need to brainstorm a bit.

Find a subject that you can resonate with and stick to it. It’s a good thing to find a topic that has plenty of background sources to study and rely on.

Do Your Research

Writing great papers for college implies doing some serious research. You just can’t take things out of your head and say that it’s true. Nope, you get to crouch over textbooks and browse the internet in search of credible information regarding the subject matter.

Some sources will be good and some – too feeble to use in a college research paper. Learn to tell the difference and opt-in only for those reference sources that are authoritative and trustworthy.

Having 4-6 powerful quotes is also highly recommended (but don’t forget to read your APA/MLA/Chicago guidelines!)

Plan Ahead

Always think through a brief outline to follow when working on a paper. It’s hard to keep all the details in mind. That’s why having a writing plan in front of you helps stay consistent and not lose any time.

In addition, some instructors ask their students to submit a paper outline, too.

Use an Engaging Tone of Voice

A college paper tone of voice consists of the following elements:

  • Simple present of past tenses.
  • First-person.
  • Consistent English language.
  • Short, simple sentences.
  • Few elliptical sentences or none at all.
  • Moderate use of humor.
  • Cheerfulness and positivity.
  • Respectfulness.
  • No toxicity, hate, or profanity!
  • Transitional words and phrases used.
  • Al the facts, dates, figures, and numbers are double-checked.

If you want to start writing good college papers, it’s high time you adopted a proper college paper tone of voice.

Proofread Yourself a Lot

To write great papers, you have to provide 100% proofread content. College instructors aren’t known to appreciate papers with poor grammar or typos. Some professors might even see it disrespectful for a student to turn in a paper that wasn’t proofread up to par!

Do yourself a favor – read what you write and work on mistakes. Writing constitutes only 65% of the total score, while the remaining 35% are being brought in by proofreading and editing.

Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarizing is unacceptable in college. You might get into trouble not having the works of other authors used in your paper cited according to APA, MLA, or Chicago/Turabian guidelines. Plagiarism damages your academic integrity and leads to being expelled from college in some cases.

Write from scratch or re-write papers in such a way that Turnitin can’t spot any plagiarism. The technique is called a ‘deep re-write‘ and is quite time-consuming. Sometimes it’s faster to write unique texts from scratch than paraphrase the papers of others.

Leave the Introduction for the Last

As you know, a college paper consists of an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. However, you can always start writing a paper from the main body and then write your conclusion or introduction. Some students might even want to start working on their paper with the… conclusion.

Back Your Thesis Up

Every paper has to have a ‘thesis statement’ – a central sentence that carries your key point depicted in a paper. A good thesis statement makes a claim and engages readers to familiarize themselves with your work.

However, every thesis has to be supported with credible pieces of evidence taken from reliable sources. You might want to use quotes, facts, historical data, and previously conducted researches on a subject to back your thesis up. You have to prove your claim is correct.

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