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Write My Book Review

Students are tasked to review books both in high school and college. Ready the original and review it – is there anything easier?

As they say – never judge a book by its cover. In other words, never judge an assignment by its looks. Sometimes, it’s easier to do a 10-page research paper than review a book. Basically, because you have to read a book first and then write a review.

Or you can always hire someone to write a book review so you won’t have to waste any time. Especially, if a book doesn’t pick your interest.

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Write a Short Book Review

A good book review offers a personal evaluation of the source material and provides peculiar insights into the author’s past or the main idea behind a written piece.

You can’t write a professional book review if you haven’t read the original first. A good book review must contain a summary of a source and give readers valuable insights.

Gather information about a work of fiction you’re going to review and study it carefully. Try to look for something that other reviewers missed. Seek to be original and provide the audience with fresh, original reading.

All in all, there are 4 stages of writing a book review.


Start your essay with a quote, anecdote, funny story from the author’s life, or a rhetorical question. The main goal here is to pick readers’ attention. Specifying the title of a book under review is also crucial.

After that, you’ll have to offer a thesis statement – a central sentence of your introduction that conveys the main idea of your paper. A good thesis statement asks a question, which is then answered in a review.

Can I write my book review without a thesis? That’s highly unadvised. Every essay has to have a focal sentence conveying the main idea of a review.

Main body

The main body will usually consist of 3-5 paragraphs, each depicting a certain aspect of a book under analysis. Depending on the goal of your research, each paragraph has to offer valuable points and arguments correlating with a thesis statement.

You may focus on the following aspects of the source material:

  • Historical background.
  • Author’s past.
  • Scenery.
  • Key objects.
  • Protagonist.
  • Supporting characters.
  • World.
  • Plot.

It’s important to transit between paragraphs in the main body smoothly using transitional words and phrases. Reading has to be smooth and friendly.


All great book reviews have a conclusion. It’s your chance to prove the main point once again by rephrasing a thesis statement or offering a new unexpected plot twist.

Some students will go as far as to write review of a book starting from a conclusion – this is how important this part of an essay is! A conclusion also has to clearly state your opinion about the original and provide one final piece of evidence supporting your claim.

Editing & proofreading

Book reviews have to be well-edited, proofread, and formatted. There have to be no inconsistencies in facts that you provide and background data. Contact a service such as if you need any professional paper editing. Typos, grammar flaws, unchecked facts, syntax errors – these things shouldn’t have a place in book reviews.

Online Book Review Writing Service

Today you can easily find someone to write a book review online for you at a reasonable cost. For example, on our site, you can recruit a writer who’s read a book you need to review and who’s ready to help you out from a hands-on point of view within the next couple of hours.

Can I even let someone write a book review for me? Well, if you don’t feel that you’ll make it till the deadline, that’s your only option hands down. Not all books are worth reading. Read those books that you like and find interesting – leave the rest to those who’ve already read them.

You can always read a book later if today you don’t have any time or are just too tired…

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