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Fast & Cheap Argumentative Essay Help

The main goal of an argumentative essay is to express your point of view providing arguments and pieces of evidence.

College instructors will want to examine your ability to research a topic using credible sources, express your opinion in a written form based on a strong thesis statement, logically explain your position regarding essay topics, and drawing up a bottom line with the help of a smart conclusion.

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Argumentative Essay Writing Help

Sometimes it’s hard to handle some argumentative essay topics, especially if you’re not that interested in a subject matter your instructor suggested.

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How to Effectively Start off an Argumentative Essay

Your essay has to always start with a powerful introduction. There are several smart ways to make a great first impression on your readers:

  1. Start off with a catchy, thought-provoking question. Maybe a rhetorical one.
  2. Provide an unexpected, little-known piece of information or fact for an argument.
  3. Begin with a thought-provoking quote.
  4. In medias res, get to the point right from the start.
  5. Communicate with your readers directly.
  6. Tell what your reader WON’T read about in the essay.
  7. Use an uncommon word or phrase to get the attention.

Use these pro tips to make sure your readers are hooked on your introduction and are looking forward to studying the body paragraphs.

This is How You Write Good Argumentative Essays

We’ve prepared 15 solid tips to help on writing an argumentative essay in case you’re looking for an extra edge.

  • Don’t put a task in cold storage.
  • Make sure you’ve understood all the requirements.
  • Find a topic that inspires you.
  • Do your research.
  • Sift through background sources and pick only the best data.
  • Look up 2-3 quotes from subject-matter experts and thought leaders.
  • Brainstorm a powerful thesis statement.
  • Build your argument around solid pieces of evidence.
  • Write an introduction with a hook in it to pick the readers’ attention from the start.
  • Include arguments pro and against.
  • Offer a reasonable conclusion, maybe with a twist.
  • Proofread your paper a lot.
  • Fit into the word count.
  • Apply APA/MLA/Chicago style guidelines thoroughly.
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Now you know how to write this type of essay like a professional.

5 Parts of an Argumentative Essay

A standard college argumentative essay consists of the following parts:

  • Introduction (1 paragraph)
  • Main body with arguments pro (2 paragraphs)
  • Main body with an argument against (1 paragraph)
  • Conclusion (1 paragraph)

As a result, you will have an essay consisting of 5 paragraphs (parts), which are sufficient enough to qualify for a good grade.

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