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What Is Persuasive Speech Writing and How to Deal with That

We’ve all probably been in an audience where the speaker was giving an incredibly boring and mind-numbing speech. In the same breath, we all have probably heard very powerful speeches that completely rock our boats and shift our mindsets. What makes a great speech? In some cases, it might be the eloquence of the speaker, their charisma or persona. In most cases, it is the content that evokes emotion and passion in the reader or listener. Great delivery will count for nothing if the reader lacks the proper content, and any great oratory speech is usually a combination of both (think Barrack Obama).

In writing persuasive speech, the primary aim is to convince the audience to see and accept your point of view. Unlike a persuasive speech, an argumentative essay is more about “weighted evidence” to convince the reader as to a certain stance. The former however is more impassioned and is not necessarily about presenting compelling evidence. The use of the first person in persuasive writing is also allowed unlike in argumentative writing, and a strong call-to-action can be issued by the speaker at the end of the speech. These subtle differences such as how and where to apply logic and passion may confuse many students who haven’t had much experience with these assignments. A custom-written paper will help you see these differences and even impress your professor to award you a stellar grade.

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What Makes the Best Persuasive Speeches?

A persuasive speech is almost based on emotion as opposed to fact. Think about a politician who makes impassioned lies to his/her constituents and still gets elected. Or a sales pitch which convinces the audience to buy a product, worthless or not. The speaker or writer has to come up with their own ideas and opinions which they feel will make an appeal to the reader. While tailoring the speech, there are a few things to keep in mind. The audience or demographic is a key factor in deciding how you are going to write the speech. Factors such as age, gender, level of education, exposure to cosmopolitan life and political-religious views all affect how you are going to tailor your speech.

The best persuasive speech is one which combines logos, ethos, and pathos. Logos is simply the logic in an argument and its supporting evidence. Ethos is the character or principle of the speaker, e.g., a doctor giving a medical speech would obviously be more convincing than an engineer giving the same speech. Pathos is the most common technique for speech writing and is the quality that evokes emotion in the audience such as humor, pity or sadness.

A Few Pointers on Writing Speeches

The goals of speech writing can vary between educating, persuading or entertaining. As a student tasked with writing these speeches, it is important to understand what your primary objectives are. What is the feeling you want to evoke in your audience? Unfortunately, speeches are not entirely popular like other essay genres. Therefore many students have never encountered them. You can learn how to write a persuasive speech by simply going through our original samples or from professional writers. However, you may not be entirely gifted in the area of personal expression, which is one of the areas that make a great speech. Therefore a custom-written speech will assist you in such a situation.

Like all other types of writing, it is important to have a clear sense of what you are writing about and how you intend on evoking the specific emotion in your audience. This you can do by creating an outline, with various sections like the introduction (with a hook), your main body points, and a conclusion to summarize your key points and restate your call to action. This outline makes it easier to follow through with your ideas and allows a seamless transition from one point to the next, keeping your audience ever engaged.

Great Persuasive Speeches| Know These Three Types

Speech writing is a great trouble to many students who have never taken on these types of assignments before. You may be tasked with writing a factual persuasive speech, which is based on evidence that can be easily referenced. For example, you can write a factual speech about why Steve Jobs will always be a brand icon for Apple for years, even posthumously. The task may require you to write a policy persuasive speech, for example, a speech to the student government council about why one of the school rules should be changed. Or it could be a value persuasive speech which mainly touches on issues of morality. A speech on the abolition of capital punishment would be a prime example of this latter form.

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