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Essay Editing Service

Essay editing service allows students to have their essays edited and proofread by skilled online editors. There are two types of essay editing services:

  • Automated. Sites like Grammarly, Hemingway, Scribendi, or ProWritingAid offer automated editing software that spots and highlights grammar, punctuation, and spelling flaws. There’s a caveat, though. All the errors have to be fixed manually.
  • Manual. Sites like offer you human editors who’ll fix any text flaws for you manually. The takeaway is that you’re saving a couple of hours of your time and receive a 100% correct scholarly document.

You can get your essay proofread by real human academic editors for a pretty reasonable price – only $6.42 per page.

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Why Edit My Essay?

…When Jack Kerouac first brought his famous ‘On the Road’ novel to the publisher, the publisher was amazed by how… poorly-written the draft was! So, the publisher gave the draft to an editor so they could rectify Jack Kerouac’s unsatisfactory writing and then get the book published. THIS is how quality editing and proofreading is important!

In college, essays that are not properly edited either get poor marks or are returned for revisions.

Professors don’t appreciate papers with grammar flaws, typos, and low research quality. So, it’s you either going the extra mile and edit your document well or delegate proofreading to an expert.

Today you can go for automated proofreading services, which require you to do all the fixing, or have human essay editors do all the work for you.

100% Legitimate Editing Services

If you’re lacking time or skill to do editing and proofreading up to the mark yourself, then consider the options. It’s either using automated software, which will still take some time to fulfill, or recruit an expert academic editor to polish your writing.

Just like such popular proofreading services as Grammarly, our essays editing hub is free to be used by students of all levels. Real human proofreaders will examine your texts and fix everything that needs fixing. As a result, you will save your evening and score a top grade.

Essay Editor

Working with a human editor and proofreader, it’s crucial to be sure that they’re skilled and experienced enough to work on your paper. We get it that you worked hard to write your paper, so we’d like to assure you that your editor will be an educated and well-trained editing specialist.


Every essay editor on the team is a qualified academic expert in one or a couple of academic disciplines. We do business and management, nursing and health science, history, English language and literature, and 30 more subjects.

The range of papers that we can edit includes essays, case studies, movie reviews, term papers, thesis papers, and other high school, college, and university level assignments. We know how to improve your texts and make grades better!


Working with words requires talent above all other things. However, we’re firm believers in the power of experience, too. All editors have at least 2 years of experience as an academic writer who does essay from scratch for money. After gaining the necessary work experience, we let such experts edit the written works of others.


Being a professional means doing your best to help customers achieve their academic goals. Be it writing or proofreading, Expert Writers always go the extra mile and beyond to live up to order instructions, deadlines, and your budget. We also respect your privacy and never share any order details with third parties. Establishing good relations with customers is very important for everyone in our company.

Best Essay Editing Service –

We provided the best essay editing service 2020 according to thousands of satisfied customers. The comments are mostly positive and the feedback from our customers never stops to amaze and motivate!

For your personal blog, essay, or thesis paper, you can always find a professional proofreader open to editing your scholarly paper. We’ll make sure every word in your essay counts and is used with a purpose.

Top-7 Things to Look for When Editing Your Essay

  1. Grammar. Essays having grammar errors are either sent back for revising or simply graded below par.
  2. Spelling. There should be no typos in your essay!
  3. Thesis statement. The quality of your thesis statement and how well it draws the reader’s attention is one of the keys to scoring an ‘A’.
  4. Formatting (APA/MLA/Chicago/Turabian/etc.)
  5. Syntax. Focus on using simple sentences and tenses. Make sure sentences flow into one another with the use of transitional words and phrases. Paragraphs should also have a well-thought structure. The ‘wall of text’ isn’t appreciated.
  6. Plagiarism. Your essays and research papers always have to be original. 100% originality is the one to achieve.
  7. Arguments. Check and double-check any background sources and pieces of evidence used to support your thesis. Use legitimate sources only!

Safe Payment

Pay for editing using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Payments are subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms And Conditions. All rights reserved. Payments are 100% secure and confidential. The money-back guarantee is available.

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Do I have to edit my essay? Writing an essay from scratch is only 70% of success. The other 30% is secured by proper editing of the written texts.

If due to certain factors you can’t or don’t want to do edit/proofread your essay, have a professional editor do it for you.

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