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Critical Essay Help

A critical essay is a type of academic paper which goal is to analyze, interpret, and evaluate a certain topic.

Critical essays consist of three major parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Main body.
  3. Conclusion

The introduction usually begins with an opening sentence also known as a ‘hook’. It has to catch the reader’s attention and draw interest. After a hook comes in a title, author, and any relevant publishing information. A topic and a thesis statement end up an introduction, gradually flowing into the main body.

The main body of a critical essay provides readers with a summary of the work, your personal interpretation, and evaluation. A couple of main body paragraphs should be more than enough to discuss your key points and provide supporting evidence.

Finally, the conclusion restates your work’s relevance, highlights the pros and cons of your critical essay, and provides one final argument supporting your main claim.

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Critical Essay Writing Help

Check out 11 critical essay hints to boost your writing skills:

  • De-code your essay title.
  • Have a clear writing plan/outline.
  • Do topic research.
  • Think through your essay structure.
  • Brainstorm a thesis statement.
  • Develop an argument.
  • Collect relevant quotes and background sources.
  • Start your essay with a quote, historical reference, relevant story, or a rhetorical question.
  • Writing in an engaging, attention-grabbing fashion.
  • Proofread yourself.
  • Use a critical essay writing service online.

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Help on Writing a Critical Essay

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Help Me Write a Critical Essay

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