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What Is a Thesis Statement? (And Other Thesis Writing Tips)

Developing a great thesis paper takes time, precision, skills, and commitment.

To master the art of thesis writing, our writers trained for years, learning how to write a strong thesis paragraph after paragraph and sentence by sentence.

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Thesis Writing Hints We Use Daily

A good thesis takes time to write. The number of words doesn’t matter if you don’t commit to what you do. Before you get to writing thesis sentences, firstly you have to understand the purpose of this assignment, a thesis length to look for, and a general thesis structure.

Purpose of a Thesis Paper

In order to earn your academic degree, you’ll have to prepare a thesis. This paper is usually assigned to bachelor’s and master’s level students.

Doctoral level students will most likely be instructed to write a dissertation, which is a much bigger thesis paper and demands a greater deal of research.

Thesis writing includes several stages:

  1. Preparation.
  2. Research.
  3. Writing a thesis statement.
  4. Proposal writing.
  5. Drafting.
  6. Editing, proofreading, formatting.
  7. Submission and revising.
  8. Defense/examination.

After that, when you successfully defend your thesis, you’ll be awarded a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Standard Thesis Length

A bachelor’s thesis is usually 50-70 pages long. A master’s thesis is approximately 70-100 pages long. Specific length requirements may vary from college to college. Make sure you learn all the thesis writing requirements provided by your college first.

Thesis Paper Structure

The key elements of a thesis are:

  1. Title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Table of contents
  4. Introduction
  5. Literature review
  6. Methods
  7. Results
  8. Discussion
  9. Conclusion
  10. Bibliography/Reference page

If you want, you can start from any section, for example – a literature review.

15 Best Thesis Writing Tips

  • There are some great tips that will help you write an excellent thesis paper.
  • Find a topic that resonates with you.
  • Write a thesis proposal so your supervisor will get a topic outline and the paper’s basic concepts.
  • Brainstorm a strong thesis statement.
  • Find relevant background sources, quotes, evidence, statistic data, facts, figures, and numbers.
  • Find out which style will fit your thesis most – APA, MLA, or Chicago/Turabian.
  • Download a free thesis paper example online to use as a reference and inspiration.
  • Consult your supervisor often and receive feedback.
  • Start working on your thesis in advance, preferably 4-6 months prior to the thesis defense date.
  • Fit into the word count.
  • Run your thesis through Grammarly, Hemingway, and CopyScape.
  • Manually proofread your document numerous times.
  • Choose the right approach to appeal to the thesis committee.
  • Write in a reader-friendly, positive voice.
  • Dedicate a couple of hours every day to write your thesis (but make breaks during holidays and weekends!)
  • Demonstrate your subject knowledge and expertise.

Our writers always follow these hints when writing custom thesis papers for money.

What Is an Essay Thesis?

Students usually confuse an essay thesis statement and a thesis paper.

A thesis statement is a central sentence of any academic writing assignment (e.g., essays) conveying the main idea and the purpose of a paper.

A thesis paper is a bachelor’s or master’s level degree project that allows a senior year student to qualify for an academic degree.

NOTE: Although there has to be a thesis statement in a thesis paper, there can’t be any thesis papers in thesis statements.

Thesis Statement Length

The length of a thesis statement is one short sentence. In a thesis paper, a thesis statement can be 2-3 sentences long.

Even a book/movie review, high school composition, case study, or an argumentative essay must have a thesis statement. Otherwise, work will be deemed incomplete and inconsistent.

How to Write a Strong Thesis Statement?

Try to put your mind to it. Basically, a thesis statement has to reflect on how you personally feel about the topic.

A great thesis statement makes a bold claim and gives a direction to where the rest of the paper will advance proving this claim. Basically, you have to ask a question and answer it in a written form.

If you want to write a strong thesis statement, follow these pro writers hints:

  1. Understand the chosen topic perfectly well.
  2. Narrow down the topic scope to a single key argument.
  3. Focus on this argument.
  4. Engage the readers with a bold claim.
  5. In the rest of the paper, provide proof.

Working on your thesis, you might want to rewrite your thesis statement completely or even choose another topic. Remember that it’s perfectly okay and a good supervisor will support you. However, make sure you have enough time left to start from scratch!

Where a Thesis Should Be in an Essay?

Always include your thesis statement in the introduction. Closer to the first main body paragraph – this is a perfect spot to introduce your thesis.

NOTE: Without a thesis statement, any academic work will be considered incomplete. Counting on a good grade in such a case is impossible.

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