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Essay writing help is an academic service designed for busy students who seek aid with essay writing and don’t want to bother with doing papers on their own.

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All in all, there are 3 levels of essay writers:

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Help with essay writing can be provided by one of the experts depending on your essay type, urgency, academic level, length, and the number of sources. Simply visit the order page and follow the instructions to get essay writing help online.

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Professional essay writing help is the one that gets the job done. Also, it’s the one that demonstrates proven expertise and prowess in writing all types of essays despite the deadline.

One hour or 7 days, got you covered A to Z! There are 10 types of essays, and rest assured we have amazing writers to help you write any of these papers.


A descriptive essay is all about depicting a certain object, event, person, or a life situation in your own words. The task doesn’t seem too difficult, so… why waste precious free time writing it? Right, it’s best to hire an academic ghostwriter and don’t bother with any pointless assignments.


A definition essay is a bit more difficult. The purpose of the paper is to explain a term, idea, or a concept to a reader. Why it’s any difficult? Because, first and foremost, you have to understand this term, idea, or a concept yourself. Having any trouble with that? Know that we have writers ready to help you out today for a good price.

Compare & Contrast

One of the most wide-spread essay types in a college is a compare and contrast essay. Doing this assignment, you have to analyze a topic from different points of view and present them to readers. It’s not always difficult as it’s time-taking because you have to research arguments both pro and against. Lack time? Pro help with writing an essay of a compare and contrast type is available on our website for cheap.

Cause & Effect

This type of essay, cause and effect, is meant to evaluate your analytical and critical thinking skills. The goal is to find the causes and effects of a certain event that took place in the past or taking place today. In college, they assign cause and effect essays pretty often. Already tired of writing this type of essay over and over? Delegate the task to an Expert Writer and enjoy your evening. We’ll do the rest!


A narrative essay is a high school pinnacle type of essay. It’s simple – write about a person, object, event, your own experience, or basically anything that’s related to the subject of the course. Everyone agrees that it’s the simplest type of essay writing and is actually pretty much senseless. You can have someone else write it for you on our site, so you don’t have to waste any time and energy.


A process essay is a tricky one. Assigned in a college as a part of any science-related course, the goal of the paper is to describe the process of doing something, like a lab experiment or field research, in detail. The more accurate you are with providing the right details of a process of doing something, the highest will be the final grade. Don’t feel like doing any experiments and describing the process? Let’s do it for you within 3-5 hours.


Argumentative essays are assigned in colleges rather often. The goal is to check your critical and analytical skills in the first place, as well as your ability to prove your point of view with the help of arguments. Basically, what you have to do is to make a claim and prove it using different means of argumentation. Need help on essay writing? We’ve just got a couple of experts free to help you out today!


Criticizing something is easy. Providing an unbiased, well-justified critical analysis of something is much more challenging. Not much into being critical today about things that don’t quite matter to you? Well, you can give this task to one of our writers who’ll be glad to provide a well-rounded critical analysis regarding the topic of your essay within 24 hours or faster.


Writing an expository essay, your goal is to clarify and explain to readers the meaning of a trend, event, or anything related to the course subject. Expository essays can be easily confused with definition and description essays. Can’t tell one from another? Seems like you’re all worked up. Best give the task to us, so we could help you write a proper expository essay hassle-free.


A persuasive essay is a type of paper meant to persuade your readers your point of view is true. Unlike an argumentative essay where you have to provide credible arguments, in a persuasive essay, you can rely on emotion and authority (ethos and pathos) rather than hard proof (logos.) Stuck in writer’s block? You know that on our website there’s always a writer open to giving you a helping hand.

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As you can see, our essay writing expertise is pretty extensive. There are more than 300 essay writers on the team being experts in 50+ high school, college, and university disciplines. We don’t care why you seek help with essays. All we care about is helping you turn in an A-level essay an instructor or teacher, or professor will like.

Our essay writing help service relies on the five pillars:

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Offering you affordable prices is also one of the features of our paper writing services. Your customer satisfaction comes first, we’ll think about the money later. No matter what type of essay it is that you have to write, we’ll always match you with a skilled expert who knows all ins and outs of each particular essay type.

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