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Need Help with Chicago Style Paper Format? We Have You Covered

This format, just like other essay formats, has its own set of rules. Before we go to its structure lets first understand what it is. The Turabian citation style (Chicago style) has two systems. The bibliography notes system and the author-date system. The difference between the two is that the bibliography is used in history courses. It uses footnotes and a bibliography. The Chicago’s style purpose is to give a style for published works different from the styles used in class. You can find the Chicago style manual document online or better yet to ensure your job is done well and professionally we advise you first turn to us to write your assignment. This will not only improve your grades, but it will give you a brief description of how to write a Chicago style paper on your own.

We have crafted outstanding papers with this format. Our professionals have the expertise and experience to write a paper that best suits you. Our website also offers  Chicago style paper template and example of a Chicago style paper that can assist you in writing your assignment if you ever need to write on your own. To begin with, the Chicago style just uses the normal white A4 paper; it is not advisable to use colored papers when writing these assignments. Here are a few tips by our team of experts to guide you in your writing.

  • Whenever you write a Chicago paper, it is advisable to have a paper that can be read and understood easily, most preferably the New Times Roman with an 11 or 12 point font should be used.
  • The Chicago paper has a marginal difference of one inch on all sides. If you go for something larger, your paper might look smaller than what you have actually composed.
  • Putting a page number is not a requirement in this format but you can start with page number “1” in the top right corner if you deem necessary. However, in numbering your pages make sure you only use Arabic numeric numbers in their consecutive orders and each page has its own numeric number.

The title page has quite a lot of demanding requirements on how it should appear. First of all, type all the letters of your title in Upper Case. Your title should be a third away from the top. In simpler terms, pressing the enter button about seven times will do the trick.

Your title page also has to include your name. Pressing the enter key another eight times will show you where you can put your full names. You also need to include you’re the name of your class and the date of writing. There are both separated by a single strike of the enter button.

In spacing your work, you Chicago paper should be double-spaced. Now in writing the paper, every new paragraph should be indented. You can do this by simply pushing the tab key. It ensures neatness of your work by making your paragraphs uniform.

How to Get Chicago Style Sample Paper for a Good Price

Your long search for the best writing service at an affordable rate has ultimately come to an end. With our team of experts, you cannot expect anything short of perfect. Our papers are of high quality and are crafted at the lowest possible price. You don’t have to struggle with assignments anymore. Trust us by letting us write your next assignment. Here are some rules that our writers follow when writing your assignment.

In Chicago referencing, there are only two major ways of doing citation: using the footnote formatting (Chicago 16A) or the Author-Date system. The following rules apply: Footnote style is usually used in arts, literature, and history. On the other hand, the Author-Date system is used in other fields like economics, law, international relations, sociology, anthropology, communication, linguistics, education, culture, psychology, etc.

Moreover, footnote style uses superscript symbols after the details from a book or journal. Your notes should be logically numbered as they are featured in your text. The superscript requires the details of the author and publication on the bibliography page. The Author-Date System, as its name implies, requires the author to be mentioned by his last name and also the year of publication. They are placed in parenthesis. Numbers are not required.

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