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Graduate Essay Sample + Writing Tips


When applying to a grad school, you’ll be kindly asked to write a graduate essay. Think of it as a personal statement or application that is meant to help you showcase your personality, perks, and soft skills from a positive perspective.

Writing graduate essay will help you demonstrate your personality and transitional skills so that the admissions committee will acknowledge you as a worthy candidate for a graduate school placement.

Most graduate programs will require you to submit some sort of an admissions essay with a free topic or the one you can pick for yourself from the list of pre-selected topics. Don’t forget to read your prompt carefully in order to avoid the most common mistakes:

  • There’s a lack of understanding of personal statement requirements.
  • A student didn’t fit into the word count.
  • Writing isn’t specific and clear, containing lots of milk-and-water.
  • Proper topic research wasn’t conducted.
  • An essay contains grammar, style, spelling, syntax, and formatting errors.
  • A school application doesn’t reflect the student’s specific college goals and career aspirations.
  • A student didn’t explain why they’re fit for the program.
  • Relevant experience isn’t showcased.
  • The work is plagiarized.

These are the most wide-spread mistakes students make when working on their application essays.

7/10 applicants fail the application process because they didn’t know these tips or simply haven’t followed them properly.

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How Long is a Graduate Essay?

An average graduate program essay is 500-1000 words long.

Some grad schools have their specific instructions in terms of this type of work, which may be different from the standard requirements, but unless any such requirements are given, you should stick to the classics – 500-1000 words of engaging, precise, and on-point writing.

How to Write a Great Grad School Essay?

If you’re wondering how to write a graduate essay quickly and consistently, then we’ve got 21 tips for you to follow:

  1. Make sure you’ve 100% understood all the requirements.
  2. Start your writing work in advance, well-rested and inspired.
  3. Check out a graduate essay sample online for more inspiration.
  4. Think about your audience and what they’d like to read most regarding your topic.
  5. Start your writing process with the main body.
  6. Think of an engaging hook for your introduction.
  7. You can write your introduction last.
  8. Your conclusion should rephrase a thesis statement and leave some food for thought.
  9. Use active voice, not passive.
  10. Use present tenses.
  11. Focus on your perks, soft skills, and achievements.
  12. Keep your tone positive and friendly.
  13. Avoid any flattery of bragging.
  14. Be honest and don’t make things up.
  15. Appeal to emotion.
  16. Show, don’t tell.
  17. Proofread texts carefully.
  18. Make sure the word count is acceptable.
  19. Use Grammarly to spot any hidden typos, syntax errors, and grammar flaws.
  20. Use Copyscape to check your writing for plagiarism.
  21. Hire a professional grad school essay writer for extra edge.

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Graduate Essay Template

It’s important to stick to a consistent essay structure. Use short sentences and paragraphs. Don’t forget about transitional words and phrases. If any background data or figures are to be used, double-check all the information before using it in your paper.

Graduate essay format consists of 3 major sections:

  1. Introduction (1-2 paragraphs.)
  2. Main Body (5-7 paragraphs.)
  3. Conclusion (1 paragraph.)

Also, you could find a sample of a graduate school application to get you inspired and educated.

Sample of a Graduation Essay

We’ve prepared this graduate essay sample that you can download for free and study for your reference needs.

[вставить sample-essay.pdf]

Pay attention to the introduction, essay formatting, use of tenses and the English language in the text. This is what you should strive for when working on your own assignment.

Also, this is how our writers will prepare an essay for you if you take advantage of our services.

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Applying for a grad school is often stressful and nerve-wrecking. Anxiety might lead to writer’s block, which is a very negative state to experience.

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