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Admission Essay How-to Guide 2020

Why do I even have to write my admissions essay? I don’t even know what it is!

After graduating from high school, most students will want to enter a college, get a degree, and find a dream-job with a six-figure salary. There’s one obstacle in that plan, though…

You’ll be competing with the smartest students in the US who may have higher grades, top SAT scores, better letters of recommendation, or… simply richer parents.

But college adcoms are no fools! They’ll be looking to welcome a student who’s both intelligent and smart, having hard and soft skills equally developed.

To show the university board that you’re a 100% fit candidate for getting a college placing, admission essay writing has to be fulfilled. Also known as a personal statement, it will require you to describe yourself in the form of a short composition, explaining your reasons to enter a college and describing your career goals among all other things.

Is it difficult to write a college application essay? Be sure it is! And that’s why we’d like to offer you some of the best tips from professional college essay writers.

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Best College Admission Essay Hacking Tips

In the United States, the college competition is 1 to 10. It means that for every college placing there would be 10 students who’ll be more than glad to claim the spot.

Some will have better grades…

Some will have more competitions taken part in…

Some will have parents with the money enough to buy them a placing…

So how to beat the competition and claim YOUR placing? The answer is…

===> Write a killer application essay! <===

Let’s show you how it’s done.

Ideal Admission Essay Length

In 2020, a perfect length of a college admissions composition is 500-600 words.

No more, no less. This is the sweetest spot you have to aim for in terms of length – 550 words, plus or minus.

Academic boards don’t like to read a lot (because there are literally thousands of students applying!) Still, professors will want your personal statement to be on-point in terms of word count.

How to Start a Common App Essay?

Experts of our college admission essay writing service have prepared a list of 7 nifty ways to start off your application.

  1. Begin with a catchy, thought-provoking question. Maybe a rhetorical one.
  2. Provide an unexpected, little-known piece of information or fact.
  3. Start off with a peculiar quote.
  4. Get to the point right from the beginning (in medias res).
  5. Address your reader directly.
  6. Tell what your reader WON’T read about in the essay.
  7. Use a rare word or phrase to get the attention.

Here’s a quick reminder for you – all these tips have to be used deliberately after giving them some thought.

Since a common app essay is a representation of you as a person, the way you write and address readers has to fall in line, too.

How to Write a College Admission Essay?

How about 12 extra tips from the experts of our admission essay writing service? Here you go!

  • Make sure you have plenty of time to work on your app essay.
  • Tell why exactly would you like to go to college after high school.
  • Describe your major school achievements and why they’re going to benefit your university education.
  • Share your life and career goals in an honest fashion.
  • Don’t tell lies and never brag. Flattery is also off-limits.
  • Provide a refreshing review of your identity, personality, and useful perks.
  • If you want to crack a joke, it would have to be super-thoughtful and light.
  • Your tone of voice has to be positive, cheerful, and friendly.
  • Use simple tenses, as well as simple sentence structure.
  • Make sure your essay has an introduction, main body, and conclusion.
  • Use services such as Grammarly and GradeMiners to check your text for plagiarism, grammar flaws, syntax errors, and typos.
  • Editing and proofreading have to be on point.

Care for one extra hint?

Be smart!

Think outside the box and remember that the competition won’t be wasting their time either! If you’re not Bruce Wayne and the money isn’t your super-power to pay for college, then be a little bit smarter – buy admission essay that will be tailored personally for you and help pass the adcom screening.

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What’s an Admission Essay Writing Service?

Applying for college is not a walk in a park. One may err on the side of thinking that it will be a piece of cake. But if the admissions committee won’t find your app essay persuasive or appealing, most likely they go for some other candidate despite how good your is SAT.

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Does Admission Essay Help Really Work?

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