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If you thought you had a hard time completing your PhD coursework, wait till you get to the dissertation phase of it. Writing a PhD dissertation is one the most challenging and involving academic requirements you will ever be required to fulfill. It is even a tougher task for those students pursuing a technical course.

Their dissertation in PhD also comes with the stipulation that they have to produce a research project. They have to research and develop something tangible or a working concept that creates a unique solution to an existing challenge in society.

Universities have also done their part in highlighting the importance of dissertations at the PhD level. Based on  PhD programs structures in several colleges, the PhD report is expected to contribute about 70% of your total dissertation points. What this tells you is that your classwork only provides about 30% of your final grade.

Even though PhD students understand the importance of their dissertation, they reach a time when they become hopeless. Writing a good quality PhD paper would require you to spend hours in the library engaging in research. Then, you would need to spend even more time consolidating the gathered information and writing your dissertation for a PhD. Even so, you are yet to reach the stage of presenting your PhD thesis for corrections.

When the going becomes this tough, some students despair and quit. Others choose to fight on but spend many years before they eventually get to graduate. However, they are those that have figured the smart way of completing their doctoral dissertations. These are the students who choose to use essay writing service. Even better is the fact that they decide to get these services from top experts like us. So, why is this the smarter move?

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What Is a PhD Dissertation

What is a PhD dissertation? A simple definition for a doctoral dissertation is an academic form of writing that is based on original research. When writing a PhD level dissertation, you are expected to contribute new and unique concepts, ideas, or solutions in a given field of study. In so doing, the PhD student demonstrates their ability to engage in research and professionally express their findings.

One of the difficult aspects of writing a dissertation is that you are expected to develop a particular hypothesis. From there, you are expected to either confirm or disapprove it based on the data you collect from your independent research. Coming up with the right PhD topic and hypothesis to go with it is a tricky aspect for most PhD students.

It never becomes easier for them with dissertations. You still have to defend your work before a dissertation committee. The work of this review body is to assess your thesis and verify that it meets the standards required. They are the people who decide whether you graduate or not.

Why You Can Trust Our Dissertation Writing Help

In the section above, we have highlighted the challenges PhD students face while writing their PhD dissertations. Statistics reveal that there is a considerable number of individuals who enroll for a PhD course but never get to graduate. Several reports on studies conducted in top universities across the globe seem to agree with these findings. The reports also reveal that most of these PhD dropouts complete their classwork and leave it at the dissertation writing stage.

Our role is to ensure you don’t join the list of students that drop out at this stage. We want you to achieve your dream of graduating with a PhD. In this regard, we have developed a writing program that enables us to help make your dream a reality. It is a service that includes a PhD dissertation proposal sample to guide you through the writing process. The following are other features of this program.

Original Dissertation Writing Service

As earlier mentioned, authenticity is something you have to be wary of during the dissertation writing process. You cannot afford to rely on plagiarizing other people’s work or ideas. Everything about your work has to be based on original and independent research.

When you place an order with us, you can be confident of receiving original work. Why is this case? First, we have a better understanding of what an authentic dissertation should be. Others will tell you that it is one that gets a clean bill of health in the various plagiarism detection software. However, we have set our standards higher.

We work towards delivering you a dissertation PhD paper that the dissertation committee will consider unique. Ours is to ensure the committee members see your topic and hypothesis as unique and original. We make sure your dissertation provides a creative solution to challenges being faced in your area of study. We strive to make you feel confident as you defend your thesis to the committee.

In this respect, our PhD writers will begin by researching an appropriate topic that seeks to address a specific issue in your area of study. The topic we choose should be one that you are comfortable with and would be comfortable defending it. In this regard, we encourage our PhD writers to maintain constant communication with the customer. The first of these discussions should be to agree on the topic and research objectives of the dissertation with you.

Qualified Dissertation Experts

The process of writing a thesis in PhD is a complicated one. Several people have tried and failed to produce a dissertation that meets the minimum quality standards. Therefore, you have to be careful with the people you entrust with your dissertation assignment. So, why are we confident you can trust us to deliver a paper that meets the right standards?

Our ability to deliver quality services is based on our PhD differentiation strategy. As part of this uniqueness, we have come to appreciate the value of specialization. How we do this is by ensuring that everyone does what they have been trained to do. Based on this principle, our dissertation writing experts are specialists in their way. For one, all the PhD level dissertations are handled by professionals that have a doctoral degree. We want to only entrust your work to experts that have been there and done it.

Subjects handled is another aspect of our writer specialization process. When placing a dissertation order with us, you will be requested to specify your field of study. The reason is so that we can assign your order to a writer that specializes in that field.

Our specialization also extends to countries. Institutions in different countries have a unique way of how they like their doctoral dissertations to be carried out. Our research reveals that this differentiation occurs on a country basis. Since we have recruited writers from different countries, we prefer it when writers handle PhD dissertations unique to their country.

Dissertation Writing Tips

How long is a PhD dissertation? Such are the common questions among PhD students that are trying to learn one or two things about dissertation writing. We support those students that prefer to take a proactive approach when seeking dissertation writing help. Furthermore, you will be the one to defend the completed dissertation before the review committee. Therefore, it is a good idea to be familiar with all the concepts.

Based on this understanding, we have done our part to help you gain a better understanding of the PhD level dissertation writing process. We have established a whole blog section that contains articles on how to write a PhD dissertation. They contain comprehensive information such as; dissertation structures, how to write a proposal, and how to format your dissertation. You will also be glad to know that our PhD dissertation database contains examples of written PhD thesis.

Guarantees of Our Dissertation PhD Services

We cannot emphasize enough on how vital your dissertation is to you graduating at the PhD level. Since we understand the seriousness of the matter, we make an effort not to disappoint you when you place an order with us. It is for this reason that we have several assurances for our dissertation writing help services. They include:

  • Free revisions for your dissertation

We always encourage our customers to deliver their dissertation drafts to their supervisors. The idea is for you to receive comments and suggestions on where to improve. Therefore, you will have enough time to request for revision from our writers.

  • Timely delivery of your dissertation

Late delivery of your dissertation is not something you can expect from us. We always deliver our papers either before or on the deadline stated. On this note, you can also entrust with a dissertation that has an urgent deadline.

  • Undisputed quality papers

We never compromise on the quality of the dissertation we present to you. To ensure this is the case, we have in place a quality assurance department. They will usually read through and approve the final dissertation copy before it is submitted to you.

  • Dissertation proofreading services

Whether you write a dissertation on your own, there are stages where you may need our help. One of these instances is the proofreading stage. Therefore, you can still place an order for dissertation editing at affordable rates.

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Whether it is your PhD dissertation proposal or project, we are the people you can rely on to help you reach the finishing line. We have been in this industry for over eight years. In these years, we have helped very many students achieve their doctoral degree dream. Fill out the order form and be the next student we see through to the finishing line.