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Any information you use in a paper to support your thesis has to be referenced. Mainly, this concerns quotes taken from reference sources. To avoid plagiarism, all resources have to be properly quoted. Besides quotes, the style guidelines also instruct how to format all the paper’s pages, from a title page to a bibliography.

Writing a paper in APA style (7th edition) will probably be related to social sciences, including such subjects as Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, and Linguistics. Most modern word-processors already have a pre-installed APA in-text citations formatting function, which is pretty convenient.

However, if you require APA paper help, then you should consider other options rather than doing a research paper by yourself. This option is called hiring a professional APA style academic writer.

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Help Write a Paper in APA

When you have to write a paper in APA style, it’s necessary to keep in mind a couple of distinctive characteristics:

  • Running┬áhead on top of the page.
  • Page number begins from the title page.
  • In-text citation/references.
  • Times New Roman or similar font.
  • Double spaced.
  • Paragraph indents.
  • Very specific headings and subheadings style.

Sounds easy? Not quite so. Dozens of papers are returned for revisions or even receive lower grades only because students failed to live up to the APA publication manual even with the help of word-processor in-built functions.

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Writing an APA Paper in 5 Steps

American Psychological Association really thought through its citation style for references pretty well. However, it did make sure that all students could understand what’s needed from them 100%. Here and there, an APA formatting mistake occurs, leading to frustration, anxiety, and lower grades. Here’s how you can avoid it and rectify any APA formatting issues in your paper.


Before writing a journal article, do some serious preparation and topic research. Gather sources, take the most valuable to use as arguments, as well as read the APA manual of style carefully. If you’re working with this style for the first time, make sure you start in advance in order to not miss the deadline.


Brainstorming will be mainly related to writing a powerful thesis statement. It’s not easy, so make sure you’re well-rested and motivated. Watch out for something about a topic that engages you personally and try to develop the subject further, making it your thesis.


Writing a paper APA style is similar to writing a paper MLA or Chicago style. You simply pre-format the document using Microsoft Word or Google Docs and mind all the other APA guidelines listed in the official manual.


Editing and proofreading are super-important. First and foremost, you have to look out for grammar mistakes, flaws, and typos. Secondly, you’ll have to ensure all the APA requirements are followed in the text. Articles won’t get published if they’re poorly written or have APA flaws.

Check Plagiarism

Academic plagiarism has to have no place in quality research papers. If you’re looking to be published, then focus on 100% authentic work. Plagiarizing impacts your academic integrity and credibility. Use CopyScape to make sure your document is plagiarism-free.

Write a Paper in APA Style

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Eyes on the prize – publishing a paper in a social science journal will boost your educational career a lot. To get there, you need to make sure the texts are well-written and formatted. Most likely, the style you’ll have to use when doing a Sociology paper is APA, which is also used for writing papers in Psychology.

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